Semangkuk Bijirin

Ingin berkongsi ilmu, pengalaman dan pendapat...


My faculty held the annual dinner last week and it was very okay.that was the first time (and maybe the last time) i stepped in palace of golden horses was very horsey,if i can say it like that.u can see all statues of horses from the outside to the inside.but still,it was a very beautiful scenery.but i was wondering about something(u sholdn't start a sentence with 'but' ok?).i was told that the hotel was built by selangor royal house club.yeah,you know what they do.all the gambling,jockey,horse races and all the thing that you know forbidden or not they do it i was thinking,is it halal to have any relation in any kind of business with them?hurm...if you have the answer,i beg you to tell me.anyway,back to the dinner thingy,we had to pay a little amount of money which i don't want to mention it here.the place was really nice.full with profesionalisme and friendliness.

so at that night,i was asked to perform a show which was i team-up with 7 other guyz and performed a live show using percussions and all that stuff.other than that there were a dikir barat show,karaoke(yuck) and also singing by staffs and students.the food was okay.i had tasted much better food before this.but,it was okay.i'm grateful that i can still eat,compared to our friends in palestin and other islamic countries.hell,we should all be always :)

well,this is what welcomed us

this is our desert

sob,Dr.Sukhini,jepah n me

sorry for not putting pics earlier