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I’m still new in this field. just trying to explore new things so that i’ll not be left out in technology. eventhough there are still people who think that blogging is actually a waste of time, but for me i think it can give impact to community if we use it in correct way. so i hope that from this blog you can really benefit a lot.

i had met people that actually downlook on people who are trying to catch-up with blogging. i don’t understand why they have to be like that, giving negative comments and their own theories to make people who are trying to improve themselves in technology looks like they had just came from some urban areas or something. these people should be left out in the saharan to make them learn how to respect other people.

thus i’m hoping that those with this mind-set will change and start to contribute to the community, because we are living in our own world. this world is for everyone. do let’s join our hands together to make this world a better place to live before we go to the eternal afterlife.

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well, i'm totally agree with you. there is nothing wrong with blogging, provided that u use it in the right way (i wonder whether i used it correctly or not haha).

for those who don't agree with blogging, i guess there are only 2 reasons why:

1. they dont even have a blog in the 1st place

2. they prefer to surf "prawn" rather than "wasting" their time writing on their blogs

well, just my 2 cents of thought. u are free to flame me hehe.