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Better Man

I've been thinking a lot lately, n u know what? it is time to change. I have been like this for what, 4-5 years. I think that I am becoming worse from day to day. It does not benefit me at all. we have to be better than yesterday. so that is why I have to change, n I am committed to be a better man. so, my fren. what about u? r u satisfied with what n who u r rite now? if the answer is yes, I feel sorry for u. u do not deserve what Allah had granted u all this time. come, let us change together. we don't know when we r going to leave this world. we always forget that we r just visiting the world, to reach our final destination. this is not our place. we belong to the most peaceful, beautiful, calm n unimagined place called 'jannah'. we deserve heaven if we r on the right path, n that is why we have to change.

for my frens in my batch, we r doing forensic posting. we r seeing bodies of the dead by various cause. don't u feel anything by just looking at the condition of the bodies and knowing the way they died? I don't know bout u, but I sumtime feel depressed n sad. I don't wanna die for nothing, I wanna die of something good. that is why we have to change. if u look back this whole of ur life, what have u done for urself in the sake of getting 'jannah'? what have u done for ur family in the sake of granting 'jannah'? what have u done for ur frens in the sake of yielding 'jannah'? n what have u done for the ummah in the sake of conceding 'jannah'? our contribution is too small to mention my fren. leave the old, pathetic, useless, unrewarding way of life. let us build a new one. I know we can do it, it is just a matter of we want or not. satan will always mislead us. let's repent, Allah is the Most Merciful n the Most Forgiving. let's start by 'istighfar'.


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Fuiyo...when I read the first few lines, I thought this was gonna be a case of low self-esteem. (Ahem. Sounds familiar? Hehe.)

I beg to differ sket from what you've said. We can't say that we are totally unsatisfied with who we are and what we are rite now. Because our whole life has been towards achieving certain goals, so to be where we are right now means that there are several goals which have been achieved in life. The difference is perhaps the intention (niat). If its bcoz of Allah, then isha-Allah our hard work is a step towards attaining jannah. Acquiring knowledge is also a form of jihad. So as students, we can also start by studying hard so that we can contribute to our society later while doing dakwah at the same time. Right? :)

**Sorry la ye. Mcm jadik co-author la pulak. heh :p


mekdad nape kat community posting ko lebih kurang same jugak? aku sentiase perhatikan ko


not,sbb jmp org cam ko n ko stiap ari la aku ssh nk berubah.keh3