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Life And Uncertainties

Bismillahi wal hamdulillah

The one thing I learned from life so far is that, it is full with uncertainties. You just cannot guess or expect that things are going according to your plan. Plan that you had came up with, and being organized in a way that it will be a successful. You can only dream and fantasized about about the end that is ideal, perfect and excellent. But it may never be achieved.

You think you have found your soul-mate, but would not know how long your marriage going to last. You think you have got the perfect job, but would not sure how far you can go with can go with the stress that jumping unto you. You think you have bought the most beautiful house in the planet, but are you that sure that it is rodent-free.

If you look out your window, in this gloomy world, you can see how chaotic our world are. Wars, killings, suicides, gangsters, bribery, alcoholism, explosions, pollutions and politicians have become a threat to our society. Their presence will and had ruin the idealistic world that we all want to have.

Wars would not solve any problem, it will just going to create more and more problem after that. Bribe will not give you a long-term benefit. it will just bring up more and more dishonest people in this world. Alcoholism itself is a problem, how do you think it can help you.

We know nothing about what is going to happen. We can always predict, and we can always be wrong everytime. We can make a decision that we think is best, but we do not know the unseen risks and consequences after that. But still we make the choice. Why? Because that is life. Full with choices and uncertainties.

A friend of mine said to me one day, there is one thing that is certain. Allah will always loves us.

Yes, that is absolutely true. No matter how wrong we are in making the choices, no matter how awful we are in meeting the demands of this idealistic world, when we turn to Him, He will always be there. He will always listens. And he will always help. Provided that you do what He tells you to do, and you leave behind what He prohibits. But we are not that perfect all the time.