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23 days and counting

Bismillahi wal hamdulillah

23 days more to go. It's getting near, the day that most of medical students fear. The final professional exam. Why do we have to burden ourself to go through this exam? It is to make sure that we are capable enough to become doctor later. Though this is not the end of our learning days, it will prepare us to the next step, learn while practicing medicine, housemanship.

Right now the brutality of houseman's life is not the main concern, but it is passing the final professional exam. With 23 days in hand, I can feel the pressure. But that is not what I'm fearing of. I fear of the fact that I'm feeling the pressure but not taking appropriate action to prepare myself to face the day. Sigh.

There are too many to revised, and sometimes to learn from the start. I know that I need to really focus on my study. And I also know that I'm not a person that can sit in front of the book for hours. I'm just not like that.

So now maybe you are asking, why did I take this course. Once my teacher asked me the same question. I paused for a moment to find the answer. Eventhough I have the answer all this while, I was not sure whether that was the right one.

Now, no matter what the reason is, exam is just around the corner. Pray for me and my friends, so that we have a very smooth exam. Also do pray for our success. I really need to get out of this place. I sure do.

Good luck to us =)

Game face is on.

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assalamualaikum akhi fid din
all the best
bit taufiq wan najah
inshaAllah kejayaan mengirimu


terima kasih ummu...moga Allah limpahkan keberkatan atas kita semua =)